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Josep Masats Safont

Josep Masats Safont (Sant Fost de Campsentelles, 24 June 1953, Poet). "He writes / and doesn't waste / ink," as formulated in one haiku. He composes this and other poetic forms.


Referring to haikus, Joaquim Molas writes:

"The poet, against the trumpets of the prevailing rhetoric, including the literary, commits himself, if not to the least degree, to the synthetic form of haiku, in general, to the classical 4-6-4 of Bashoo, and subjects it, as it is common in recent Japanese tradition, to all kinds of variations, while always maintaining a sandwich of a long verse between two short verses, sometimes with the addition of a consonance which is neither lost nor retained.

By definition each haiku stands by itself, but more than once, they are intertwined to form a small series of monographs of a lyrical or philosophical nature". (Prologue to "Fragments of glass". Vic: Emboscall, 2008).




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