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El The knot of the tie

"If we lend you some money,
we'll spoil you with the tie
of the bank

–they tell me–, a silk, shiny one.
The knot, you tie it tight,
almost suffocating you,

so that you can remember:
Euribor, APR, as much
money as you owe.

So, let's say, hanged
by your tie,

until you turn eighty,
you cannot
be free! "




The place


–There must be a certain place
–he tells me– for one to go
and be happy.

Although you could go there,
don't go, never, nor for anyone,
nor anything, in the world.

Imagine it's within your hand's reach
and simultaneously fleeing...
–The Paradise.



The World



Feeling such desire, woman,
such vehement longing,
say, our unconsciousness.


Is moving around,
in a spiral,
and rises.

The world slows down
and freezes in the middle
of infinity.

In this delirium, woman,
atoms, yin-yang,
so gleaming,


they abandon us,
mixed with the wind.


And the world, well, let that turn,
without ever stopping 


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